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A general knowledge quiz


In this little quiz you can check your general knowledge.

The questions are relatively easy and I hope that you will have a lot of success with the answers.

In any case, you will have some fun.


  • Question of

    In the novel,engl. 100 years of solitude Gabriel Garsia Markes Columian writer follows the fate of the family:?

    • Borhes
    • Buendia
    • Garsia
  • Question of

    Which color is a “black box” in passenger planes that collects all flight data?

    • Black
    • Orange
    • Red
  • Question of

    Who was Hethera in mythology?

    • Aladin’s wife
    • Greek pendant courtesan
    • Scandinavian mountain fairy
  • Question of

    Sengoku period was in the history of Japan:?

    • Interval when peace prevailed
    • The period when the land was at war
    • Welfare interval
  • Question of

    From which famous comic book is the figure named “number one”?

    • Zagor
    • Alan Ford
    • Tex Viler
  • Question of

    Which city was formerly called Constantinople?

    • Istanbul
    • Ankara
    • Smirna
  • Question of

    Nelson Lake National Park is home to the world’s nostrils, a blue-purple color.?

    • Australia
    • New Zeland
    • Pery
  • Question of

    Pythagorean theorem is applied in mathematics to calculate?

    • Circle area
    • Hypotenuse in the right triangle
    • To calculate number Pi


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