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Zebras at the San Diego Zoo (1982-05-31 0018_01)

31 May 1982

San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California

Pentax MX  Vivitar 135/2.8, Fujichrome 100  (Exposure not recorded)

Scanned using a Wolverine F2D Mighty scanner.

I would assume that this is a mother with her child.

Editing was done using ACDSee Ultimate 2020. I started by using the SmartErase tool to get rid of a slight bit of the barrier and to get rid of some dust spots. Then I adjusted the lighting, increased the overall saturation and increased it a bit more in the greens and yellows. Next I increased the contrast and the clarity.

© 1982 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.

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  • I’m assuming this is a mother and her colt. Would you agree?

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    • A lot of people feel that way but animals in zoos are very well cared for. There is nothing trying to kill them. The other benefit is that people get acquainted with the and care more about them. People are a lot more likely to be concerned over the status of the wild population if they’ve seen one face to face.

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