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Wonder Making Around You


Miracles do happen, do you agree? You can make miracles if you want to. It’s really not that hard.

When you make up your mind to do wonders around you, and set out to do them, you will see people begin to flourish from wherever they are at in life. They will even become aware within themselves that they are blooming. And they feel good about themselves when they are around you.

I work in a crazily busy environment. At work and at home.  Every day you see someone’s faults and your heart is set to helping or doing wonders. Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, a spouse, your child, or even a thorn-in-the-flesh.

Picking on your friend’s, spouse’s, or child’s wrongs calls for wonders-shutdown— miracles that should have been on their way to happen. Instead, say something wondrous or winning  about that person, things nobody notices.

Talk about them– to yourself and to those who will hear and identify with you.

In a very little while— and being the person of sensitivity that you are of those around you— you will begin to see great changes as a new person you are within you.

And you will see people of wonder on how amazing they are, as well.

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