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Wimbledon tennis tournament ended.

Robin Biznis July 15.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Wimbledon tennis tournament ended.I spent the week quietly, with my family and grandchildren.The excitement was made at 3 pm.Then the men’s finale finale in Wimbldone..They played the unofficially best tennis player of today’s world champion Rodzer Federer and the tennis player who takes the first place on the list of tennis players Novak Djokovic.They played exactly 4 hours and 55 minutes.They played all 5 sets.In the fifth set, the score of 12-12 was played by the timer.Novak Djokovic won it and won the London Cup for the fifth time.Against him, he had a opponent  Rodzer  Federer and 14,000 fans who did not respect a fair play or Novak Djokovic as a sportsman and man.because they just wanted to beat their pet.And he had a chance.In the fifth session he ran with 8-7 and had 40-15 and three balls for match.But Novak Djokovic  is then the best.

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  1. Both would have deserved to be winners, but that is not possible. Federer had his chance but did not take advantage of it. Nole has mastered his emotions better than Federer. Congratulations!
      Do not you say a word about the girls’ tournament?? What do you think about Simona’s match? She is our first winner at Wimbledon!

  2. I think there was a huge contrast between men’s and women’s finals: the first one was extremely long and dramatic, while the latter ended much faster than I had anticipated, and I’m glad it did. Anyway, Novac Djokovic proved once again that he’s one of the best players in history.

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