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Will the power of the sun eradicate the effects of the COVID-19 ?

Will hot weather slow down the disease caused by the new Novel Coronavirus, as does other viruses such as the flu, the common cold and pneumonia? A new study has found that this is possible, but the effect will not be so great as to eradicate the virus or prevent the epidemic  returning in the fall.

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The University of Connecticut in the United States has seen the effects of ultraviolet light, a powerful natural weapon against the new novel virus, known to damage DNA, kill viruses and infect healthy skin cells.

Researchers said. “We discovered that ultraviolet light can slow down the spread of covid-19. However, he warned that the disease could temporarily slow down in hot weather, return in the fall and re-emerge next winter.

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  1. Since COVID-19 is like the past outbreaks of SERS AND MERS, its deathly spread will lower and will infect people at a slower rate. MERS is dangerous than COVID-19 but it’s affecting very few people after the outbreak in 2012.
    This virus is very strange in many ways.

  2. I have been thinking and thinking a lot about this theory. This will not remove Covid-19. Not all over the world has high temperatures at the same time. It is not difficult to logically come to this conclusion.


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