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Did Australia Discover the Treatment of COVID-19?

Australian doctors claim to seek treatment for Corona virus with two drugs. Corona virus patients were treated by two available medicines in Australia after which their patients recovered.

Corona virus patients were treated as a secret trial, they were given hydroxychloroquine to treat HIV kaletra and malaria treatment. Australian doctors say the test has been so successful that nearly 50 hospitals will now be given the same krona virus patients.

Professor David Petterson, director of the University of Queensland Center for Clinical Research, who is also a consultant at Royal Brisbane and the Women’s Hospital, was part of the Infectious Disease Physician.

Professor Petterson said that these drugs have the potential to cure the corona virus patients, as 50 hospitals will try to determine the best way to use these drugs.

Professor Petterson added, that we also compete with each other to determine which drug will cure a corona patient at least once a day. “These medicines can be given to patients as pills. We have developed these medicines,” he said. It is to be noted that the Australian Government has allocated $ 13 million for the treatment of the Corona virus.

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