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COVID-19 can deprive you from sensation of smelling.

British health experts have warned that if a person’s “sense of smelling” suddenly disappears, it could potentially be a sign of a corona virus. 

This disclosure came after they examined the details of the victims of the Corona virus in South Korea, China, France, Italy and the United States. He says 30% of patients with the novel corona virus / COVID-19 reported a sudden loss of sensation before symptoms of the disease appeared.

The announcement was made in a joint statement by the President of the British Rhinological Society, Professor Clare Hopkins, and Nirmal Kumar, President of the British Association of Otto Rhino Laryngology.

It should be noted that the manifestations of the novel corona virus are slightly different from pneumonia and seasonal colds, while the sudden loss of sensation may also be due to some other reason, but in view of the global prevalence of Covid 19 it is important to take this factor into account. Timely diagnosis is possible.

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