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Why eating while standing bad for you ?

We often do not think that we are standing and eating food, nor do we ever think what damages can happen while eating in standing position, but now those those who have habit of eating while standing should immediately eliminate this habit.

The research has revealed that who eat while standing, their body produce physical stress and these people also lose their ability to feel the taste. Research says , that body position is important while eating and it does matter.

Experts says that people who sit in comfort and eating food have got better taste than people eating in standing position. Eating while standing affects body censors which also causes physical and mental stress in human beings.

The research says that when a man eating while standing, than due the gravity it is difficult for heart to reach the blood to whole body, due to which the stress hormones exit in human body and also affect the taste of feeling.

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  1. Occasionally I would stand while eating depending on the circumstance. Office gatherings for example we used to just stand around and eat and talk. However, I feel a lot more comfortable sitting while I eat.

  2. Good post, my friend .. I really did not know that … I always take time for food and in a state of peace I’m sitting in a seated position … maybe some snack, so by the way, I put it in my mouth

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