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What made you decide to be a writer? What was the defining moment for you? Many of us, don’t actually feel like we chose writing… …writing chose us. That’s the easy part. Now, it’s all about discovering how to get it to work foryou. In reality, YOUR writer’s life may look vastly different from mine, but the main things are the same… We have freedom… Perhaps we even make a kind of living from it… Mainly, it’s because it makes us happy. 

What is happiness worth to you? How much would you sacrifice in order to achieve the happiness you seek? Luckily, as a writer, you don’t have to give up very much. All you really need to do is take a little risk… …and believe in yourself. Most writers are closed off from the world. They can become hermits rather easily. When asked about their work, these writers turn sheepish and almost ashamed… …when they KNOW they’ve written some really good stuff, and they just want people to devour it. In parting, I would like to leave this word of encouragement, which is that, honestly, you need to be your own best marketing device.

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  1. I picked up the interest to write after my second semester of college. I fell in love with how it worked my brain and eventually it became something to keep me actively writing in between semesters. Keeping active in between semesters helped keep my writing up to par as I transitioned back until this semester.

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