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“The harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” 

Countless authors have given the same advice when it comes to writing… Don’t edit as you write. In other words, just get your ideas on paper (or computer) and edit later. Which is great advice IF you’re able to do that? However, even reading work by experienced writers, I find they can get bogged down in editing as they go. 

For some, that works. For others, they know it’s slowing them down. My advice? You gotta retrain your brain. Fortunately, you can make changes fairly quickly just by getting yourself into the right state of mind. Here’s what I suggest BEFORE you do your ‘serious’ writing. Spend 5-10 minutes of freewriting. Write whatever comes to mind. It should have no quality standards. Do this by hand.

 Write ‘blah blah blah’ if you run out of things to say or anything else. Just keep the pen MOVING. After enough time, you’ll get yourself into a flow-state. Then see how it carries over when you start writing “for real.” Will you notice a big change the first time? Maybe. Maybe not. However, with enough repetition and frequency, you can train yourself to flow without restriction. At the very worst, it will at least stimulate your eye, hand coordination.

Take care! 

Andre’ Hartslief


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