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Are You A Smitten Writer?

Writing is a lot like a relationship. There are great highs, terrible lows, as well as wonderful moments when the relationship between the writer and their writing just clicks. However, sometimes there are also symptoms of blind love. This occurs when a writer just fails to recognize when their writing is flawed and still needs some work. Alternately, there’s the over-controlling writer who just won’t leave their writing alone and will over-edit their work.

Have a great relationship with your writing by finding balance: Know when you need to put time into your relationship with your written piece and learn to let it go.

Whatever your relationship with your writing, remember:

It’s okay to love your writing. Just don’t looove your writing.

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  1. Yeah, right. I think the key here is to make writing more fun, playful, and entertaining. Some thing you would like to read yourself. That, if you can’t find it anywhere else, write it yourself.

    Sometimes, it’s hard to do. But without trying hard, write as if it’s the natural thing to do— making your readers to stick around long enough to make an emotional investment.

    Try to avoid the grammatical bog of trying to ‘please’.

  2. I have learned to make sure to hand in a writing assignment ready to go by checking with Grammarly and Copyscape. There is now so much material online that the only way you can write as if you are the only one writing about a certain subject is to embrace the topic you have to write on and truly make it your own. For that reason, I also save all I write in folders because there are many times I can use the old articles to get fresh ideas.

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