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When we live in a country wherein we own our liberty it’s totally a privilege for everyone but it doesn’t mean that we care less about the consequences that adhere to it. In my own perspective, most people don’t mind the moral side of doing a thing that isn’t right nowadays. I am just wondering what other people thoughts about this sensitive subject are and what makes people push to do it?

I’m just taking the poll for this to collate your opinions whether it’s from you or from other people that you know. Please feel free to comment if you have inputs about this matter. Rest assured that if you comment I wouldn’t refer it as your experience so don’t be afraid of sharing your thoughts, it’s just a survey.

They maybe some other answers that are not listed in the options. Please leave a comment if you have some other reasons that make a relationship broke. Thank you for your cooperation. All the best for everyone!

  • What is the root cause of turning a man or a woman to look for another partner?

    • Because of work-related issues
    • Because of inadequate intimacy
    • Because of financial constraints or instability
    • Because of long distance factor
    • Because of insecurity towards your partner
    • Because they simply don’t love each other anymore
    • Because of one’s partner’s physical appearance
    • Because of lack of attention for each other

What do you think?

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Written by Sheryl

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  1. A lot of people think nice girl, nice boy, but they are not compatible because they are walking down different paths.
    For an artistic person, having a husband or wife that is also creative really matters. A non creative person cant understand how an artist lives and it it the same the other way round.
    You can be friends with anyone but not married to them.
    I am fortunate that my husband is another artist.

    • Having the same interests are important as well, at some point and even you go in completely different paths when both of you respect each other’s wants there would be a harmonious relationship.

      • Yes…, I understand you quite well, I’m the one thinking and wondering the same way about many things… I think reasons can be very different and many (hahahahahah ;D))), just joking, hahaha….. ;D
        I think it can be either because people are not happy or satisfied with their partner for whatever reasons, if there is not a complete connection between them, either if they are simply that kind of a person….. But, both of those things, if you ask me, can be based on the same/similar things like…: a person never finds someone who will fulfill them completely, or just not the right way; or people can be a problem all by themselves because they are simply like that and nothing can actually complete them, meaning they are simply that kind of persons who like to change partners….. But I think both of those things are based on the same thing – not finding the right person or something like that (at least I hope that is the reason… :/)

  2. It looks like most married people tend to give each other for granted. No more courting, showing affection or taking care of one’s appearance.
    Men often look for women they can court and ‘conquer’, while women usually enjoy receiving attention. Or vice versa.
    That’s why I voted for ‘lack of attention’, but that includes other reasons you mentioned.
    I think this problem has always existed, but it wasn’t socially accepted the way it is nowadays.

    • I think the lack of the attention is just a consequence of not actually fully fitting each other, but such connection is also hard to find… I also think it depends on the persons personality – is he/she a cheater or not…

      • True, people can have different priorities, therefore different tendencies. Loyal people seem to value security the most, cheaters need new stimuli and excitement, something a long-term relationship is often unable to offer.

        • Yes, very interesting observation of yours…! I think the best would be the find the person who gives you “security” and excitement at the same time, so you are never bored… I think it comes with “true loves”, because in such situations “security” is not only a plain empty security but something that is naturally suiting to you, and at the same time you have to be attracted by that person on many different levels, but when the right person comes it is not something that you calculate and evaluate, it simply IS… – which is hard to find… ;/| :))

          • You’ve both got a great point in this issue tasartcraft and sabtaversa. This must be really complicated matter as far as I obeserve

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