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Who could that be?

Someone has dug into my old posts and viewed 27 of them thus increasing my virils tally. 

I had written a post earlier about missing virils that should have been credited to me for views of many of my posts.

Normally the names of the users who view my posts are mentioned in the notifications but in this case there are no notifications but I see it all in the virils page.

Could it be Admin? I had alerted them about the missing virils.  It could be as Admin   believe in just WALKING and  not TALKING.  If that is the case I wish to thank them for acceding to my request. 

  • Could it be Admin who viewed my posts to make up for virils not credit to me?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Good for you Grace. I am curious to find out what kind of posts I posted when I first came to Virily. I have to do some digging. However, now and then I have gotten notifications that some of my posts written about a year ago have been looked at. It is interesting that you have not gotten any notifications about who has viewed your posts.

  2. AFAIK, notifications never include names of visitors to your posts, Grace. Such details are included only if there is some further interaction, such as upvoting or commenting. Could be I’m wrong, but if so, can you show me an example?

    • Just viewing and not up voting is something that I have not come across. It is always ……… .has upvoted your post which means they have viewed it too. In this case it was just viewing and so no notication is there.

      • Not everyone who visits upvotes. Compare the number of views on an average post with the number of upvotes it got. Of course some of those views represent you opening it, to reply to comments, but the difference is usually much larger than that would account for.

        • If it is not viewed then we will not get paid for it. Here I got paid for 27 views but there were no notifications as to who viewed them. But if the posts are upvoted they are notified and we get paid for them as well.

          And by the way once again many of my post views are not getting virils.

          • What are you talking about…? Upvotes don’t have anything to do with views being paid… I said many users, including me, are often (ONLY) opening many posts to earn more virils without upvoting, and now someone opened your posts, so of course you get virils for them, I don’t understand your confusion………..
            I said that if someone upvoted a post it doesn’t have to mean he also opened it…! Some people just upvote from the Latest page without opening a post and no, of course you won’t earn on those upvotes because posts were NOT opened too…!

        • I know that and in fact I had written a post on it a long time ago There was this user who upvoted several of my posts without opening. I got notifications but did not get paid. I sure know the difference who views and who does not.

          • Yes, I remember that, but how can you claim that virils are missing then… How can you be sure those people opened your posts…

            Btw, I explained you several times that a person can not upvote that many posts without opening them, it is not possible…! Upvotes without opening can only be done from the Latest page while for everything else a post has to be opened in order to be voted, it’s simply not possible to do it any other way, so all those posts are probably opened much before they were upvoted…

        • You are right. When upvoting is done from the latest page that is when posts are not opened and for that kind of upvoting we are not paid. I have understood this a long time ago and hence I wrote that post.

          • It doesn’t have to mean they are not opened, just that an upvote doesn’t have to mean they are always opened…
            Yesterday I had a similar situation (we agreed some virils were missing) but actually now I’m not quite sure those people opened my posts even though they said they did, but since one of them is a user who always opens posts which he upvotes could be virils were actually missing or actually the other ones lied, who knows……..

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