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White and Black Friday – chaos

There is nothing wrong if sometimes we feel sad for no reason or if the world sometimes seems to be without colors. And even worse if with a serious cause.

Mom always tells me if you are depressed, do some physical activity. Therefore, this morning my yoga ritual was a little aggressive, energetic, but only to spill the effects of yesterday’s chaos. Why chaos? Yesterday was my birthday and I a bit tired of all the chaos that was made by all the evening coming new guests. I never liked celebrating my birthday. If I could, I forget this day exist at all. But unfortunately, friends and relatives never let me forget it. 

And lo and behold, everything is connected. The chaos allows and makes us realize every day what a strange, sometimes egotistical, but the damn beautiful world it is. And actually, it has many colors. Like ourselves. Because we are part of the world – chaos. We ourselves are the little chaos that makes up the whole, so everything is connected. It simple.

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