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What was it? THE ANSWERS!

On Saturday I posted a game here on Virily called, “What is it?”. 

I had cropped a small piece out of 10 photographs and enlarged them, some I turned the wrong way, some I enhanced the colors etc. The object of the game was to try to figure out what the picture was of. 

I had mentioned that I would post the original photographs and answers on Monday, so without further ado, here they are! 

  • Question of

    Did you guess that this one was a cat?

    • Yes, I did.
    • I picked horizon line for a mountain scene.
    • I picked a rabbit.
  • Question of

    Did you think this was the moon?

    • No, I thought it was a glass of soda.
    • Yes, I guessed correctly.
    • No, I thought it was a sponge.
  • Question of

    Did you think this was a seagulls eye, a feather or a tiger’s eye?

    • A peacock”s feather.
    • A seagull’s eye.
    • The eye of the tiger.
  • Question of

    I just changed the color of this one, did you get this one?

    • Yes, I could tell it wasn’t a necklace or a fence.
    • I picked necklace.
    • I picked fence.
  • Question of

    This one was not a child’s truck or a lawnmower. Did you pick bbq grill?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Did you know this was the center of a flower?

    • Yes I did.
    • No, I thought it was coral in an aquarium.
    • No, I thought it was a starfish.
  • Question of

    What did you guess for this one?

    • I guessed aquarium.
    • I guessed bougainvillea.
    • I guessed TV.
  • Question of

    This could of been a palm frond, but it was a spider. Did you guess this one correctly?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    I thought this one looked like a sculpted face, did you think it was a rock reflecting in the water?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Did you guess bird, branch or the sun?

    • I picked bird.
    • I picked branch
    • I picked bird.


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I was not active on last Monday but on my way to Canberra so I missed lots of posts during last fortnight. I hope I will participate in next such game!