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Kent Haruf: Our Souls At Night

In fact, I am much more fascinated by stories of older people who spit on everything and make the last try than in all the dramatic stories of young people, both in literature and in cinema. I have repeatedly caught myself thinking, why am I more sympathetic to green-haired seniors than young people? 

Each of us probably thinks more or less of our old age, the end of our lives, when you reach the greatest accumulation of your experience when there is nothing new to experience, just your own dying forces and the last days of your life. It is a kind of reconciliation to human finiteness and mortality, unfortunately, we are all approaching it.

In the small town of Holt, Ede Mur and Louis Waters have been living in the neighborhood for many years. Now they are both alone in an empty house, filled with nightly oppressive silence and a growing sense of loneliness. One such evening, Ede unexpectedly visits Luis: How would you look at it if I asked you to come to me from time to time to sleep at night. I’m not talking about sex. I care about someone else.

This creates a friendship that provides comfort, night chats, joy, and love.

This wise, gentle book reveals the beauty of ordinary people’s ordinary life, silent and at the same time rich in the brightest feelings daily routine, the stance and dignity of the posture meeting the sunset of life. It is an ode to earthly happiness and freedom of life.

The very nice, very real story – I read every page with great pleasure, and closed the last one with tears in my eyes … Even though I read it a few days ago, I still come back and ponder on some topics or events in the book. A strong, catchy book!

A subtle, sensitive and sentient book. About two seniors who feel lonely, but the need for communication and tenderness is still alive. About two people who try to resist established social order and get unexpected resistance from those around them (especially adult children) and even blackmail. 

Simple and short sentences. However, it only gives a better idea of the book’s core. Such a thin book that contains so many deep subtexts that are presented quite simply.

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