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What happens when chewing gum is swallowed?

Swallowing bubble gum or chewing gum is not only the problem of children’s but elders too and there are many Interpretation in this regard.

It is said about the human body that it is the world’s most astonishing natural machine, which only makes millions of blood cells within 60 seconds.

In case of chewing gum swallowed, what does the physical machine do internally with it? There is also an Interpretation that chewing gum is present within the body for 7 years Or it is also said that it sticks in some part of the body internally, but the truth is that both Interpretation are not correct.

The chewing gum’s synthetic part can not be digestive, but it does not even mean that unusual part remains inside the body and according to medical experts, this part remains in the body for more than a week and then it gets discharge of the body with human wastes.

Experts say it can only be done one or twice time but frequently, can lead to small or large intestine  obstacles, there for we should try that children should not be given chewing gum.

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  1. Chewing gum used to be all-natural. Natural chewing gum dissolves easily in the extremely strong sulfuric acid in the stomach, which is capable of dissolving bone and iron. I haven’t used chewing gum since the natural version stopped being used. Chewing on a piece of real honeycomb is tastier and healthier.

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