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What colors do you think I am? ~ Common oleander

If we just have a little space in the sun, the oleander will blossom happily on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the balcony or in the yard, near or far from the sea. With the onset of summer, the flames of oleander flowers will flare up and glow even after the warm summer of September is only a memory. For seaside resorts, oleander is a wonderful plant: it blooms for a long time, withstands the scorching sun and drought and salt in the coastal air. It survives frosts up to minus 5 degrees Celsius, even a short degree less. There are few places in Slovenia where it can be planted without care, either individually, in a group or as a hedge. Most of the time, we have to plant it in containers in which we put it in a shelter before winter, where it will not suffer from cold.

  • What colors do you think I am?

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