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What color do you think I am? ~ Proud plant

Today I decided to combine the two challenges (Black and White Friday and What Color Do You Think I Am?).

I promised Doc that I would make him happy with some more “bunnies” and today I am fulfilling my promise😊

If you are a flower in velvet dress assessed only in appearance – or name – you were wrong. The pansy is a symbol of free-thinking. She doesn’t care what others say about beauty and her more modest kinship, she bravely sets her cheek to the sun even when she barely manages to raise her head above the snow.

It is said that pansy blooms most abundantly in summer, although we prefer to plant them in autumn – in front of the house, on graves or protocol beds. Just so that the bushes develop enough roots before winter, they open the flowers on the same day when the salt pomegranate their collar. They are popular precisely because of their resistance to winter, flowering in front of most of the harbingers of spring and colorful velvet clouds in May.

  • What color do you think I am?

    • White
    • Pink
    • Yellow
    • Red


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