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Welcome to COVID-19 world

We are fighting. Yes, we jumped into the nettles half-naked, bad-prepared. No one will deny it. We were thinking about a happy and long life in a united Europe that will protect and defend us. We relaxed. And we were wrong.

It wasn’t just us. Has happened to many in Italy, France, Spain and elsewhere. Even in the faces of powerful American and Chinese leaders, self-confident smiles turned into concern and anxiety.

We dive into a world of obscurity. No one knows which of us will remain in it. We only know that after the COVID-19 attack, the world will be different.

The perception that absolute security no longer exists seems strange. When we resent queues at the airport, doctors, systems breakdowns, quarantine or not getting to a hairdresser, just welcome to COVID-19 world, a world where no one hears your complaints anymore…

But you know what’s important. I see the ability of our citizens to unite and withstand strikes where there is no solution. Business responds by buying protective equipment for medical professionals. Self-government, the authorities are correcting errors in extreme mode. And no matter that a lot of nasty words are sent to some very high politicians, they make decisions. Mobile checkpoints, reagents, action algorithms are born.

And even though we will remain divided into countries, genders, colors, worldviews, we are not so different in the face of a common enemy. We just lack coordination, but we have a chance to finally create a stable community. Learn to tell the bitter truth to the eyes, but forget to hate. And learn to survive, because to die we have been taught more than once.

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