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Ironically, this virus works logically, according to Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, it affects all those who have problems with health, elderly individuals, because when a species overflows its ecological niche due to the number of individuals, favorable conditions for survival change – for example, predators, viruses appear.

Healthy people, up to about forty-five – fifty years of age, could live without any quarantine, recover from the virus in lighter or heavier forms, and would adapt. Well, there would be deaths, but there are always exceptions.

And it looks like those over fifty, disabled, and all other not young bodies with endless catalogs of chic diseases are basically no longer needed neither by Ch. Darwin or nature – they are like the characters of Franz Kafka’s absurd world, trying to somehow dig into the real world of young healthy people, and only culture (medicine, science, compassion, etc.) can save them.

That’s why I respect both nature and culture because I feel much better there.

From ancient times, man has seen nature as comfortable for him, imposing on him his good and bad qualities, desires, fears, sacredness, and other emotional or even ideological spam. We even think that nature is holly when we listen to silence or birds’ songs and when we stare at amazing sunset. 

Strange, but there is no pity in nature, no compassion, no love, just a trap for fools, and the mechanism of reproduction. In nature, there are instincts and natural sounds cruel, but there is not much room for the elderly  – what we now monitor when virus affected all world…In my country, exclusively seniors die from COVID-19, only 6 people died under 50.

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