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Weird Dreams After Eating Late

Recently, after a walking meetup, we were discussing eating something afterwards. And, a woman and I stated that we cannot eat late because we would end up having creeping dreams that night.  I have noticed that if I eat something at night, then I ended up regretting it in the morning. First, I end up experiencing a creepy dream or nightmare that I don’t even understand where it came from or why it actually happened. And, then, I also feel bloated and uncomfortable in the morning.

  • Have you ever experienced a weird dream or nightmare after eating food late?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever experienced a weird dream or nightmare after eating food late?

    • Yes
    • No
  • If yes, why do you think you had this dream or nightmare? Explain in comments section.

    • Yes
    • No
  • If yes, what was this dream or nightmare? Explain in comments.

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    • No

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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  1. I think that a lot of physical things can influence our dreams, so I am not surprised that eating late might do so also.

    If I want to go to the toilet, for example, and I am asleep, I will often dream of looking for a toilet in my dreams.

          • It could be just a physical thing, our mind trying to alert us to the fact that we need to use the toilet, or there could be another message attached to this type of a dream.

            What does searching for a toilet mean in a dream?

            Here is one possible meaning. There could be many other different ones.

            Any searching for anything in a dream is because you are missing seeing the truth as it is. It is being covered over by other thoughts, or programmings of your mind.

            Searching for a toilet shows you that your search is for baser things, not for higher things, and when you cannot find a toilet easily, or it is too dirty to use, or if it’s occupied already, this shows you that your way of searching for answers is wrong, and all you are finding are baser wrong answers, not higher answers at all.

            There could be another psychological meaning though.

            Say, that someone was molested as a child, they might be searching for toilets, to try to unload a lot of that dirty crap, that has entered their system, as a result of this assault.

            In their waking life, they might always feel unclean, for example.

          • that definition doesnt fit my life anyway. i googled toilets in dreams, and toilets represent emotional strength and power, which has to do with letting go of emotions as well as peace, harmony, and better luck. public toilets have to do with a release, a need to release and let go, which might involve a need to leave your past in the past and work with your current status.

            Moreover, dreams of peeing in a dream represents that your emotions are being repressed in real waking life or you might be under pressure from something or someone.

            my research abour toilets in dreams make more sense…

  2. I have always been told from childhood not to eat late. And I never do. I try not to eat past 6pm.
    Yes I have had weird dreams and blamed it on a heavy meal. It really made no sense, nothing like your photos here!

  3. Funnily enough, I had a weird dream last night after eating late. I had a curry, which probably didn’t help matters. I dreamt that there was these 2 men strapped to a railway line and there was a train coming. I stood there on the train station looking at them and panicking as I couldn’t do anything. At that point I woke up. How strange, hey? It was a little bit of a nightmare, but still a very weird dream I think!

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