Weight of Grief ~ Day 270

I saw this photo today on one of my support groups (Grieving Mothers). I could not believe how correctly the artist conveys the physical feeling of grief. Your child is gone… forever. You feel like the whole world is on your shoulders. Your heart is shattered. You have no strength or reason to go on. The pain is heart wrenching. You feel you will never get through this horrible nightmare. Then eventually… after much time you start to feel a little lighter. The load you are carrying is being lifted. You start to begin your new normal again. Nothing is the same. Nothing will ever be the same. But all we have is what we have. Memories. Forever locked away in our hearts. 

I hope most of you cannot relate to losing a child. If you are suffering please take it from me that it will gradually, baby steps, get tolerable. Never good. Never the same. But tolerable is what you can hope for. Peace will come much later but know it will come.

365 Photos Challenge Day 270

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Added note. Celeste Roberge is an American born in Maine. She is a teacher emeritas at the College of Arts, University of Florida but still maintains a studio in Portland, Maine. She is a very polyvalent artist but, from what I have seen, works mostly in metal and stonework, although she also works with seaweed…

  2. Great rendering of grief and/or burden that almost everyone carries. It must have been very heavy for the artist to lift and put these rocks in there, but I am sure she mechanical help of some kind. Celeste Roberge sounds like a French name. I will have to look her up. Thank you for showcasing this beautiful piece of artwork.

    • I wasn’t trying to make you sad Robin. Only expressing the emotions of grief, which sadness is a big part of it. But I want others to know you can get through.

      I have not researched the photo but I will and let you know.

      • Check out what I just found about the statue Robin:

        Welded, galvanized steel and 4,000 pounds of river rocks, 58″ x 54″ x 40″.

        Roberge’s cairns are welded steel grid figures, roughly conforming to the shape of the artist’s own body – but over life sized. The rocks used for filling the sculptures come from the region in which the artworks will be sited. The steel grid and the rocks themselves offer a complex aesthetic, of a formal grid with an arbitrary jumble of the rocks behind it.

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