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Lighting a Candle for Ghostwriter

One of our Virily friends has lost a family member. Ghostwriter wrote about her loss yesterday. 

You can read her post here in case you missed it. I Thought I Was Prepared

We can never be prepared to lose a loved one. We can try and think we are, but when it happens, it takes your breath away. I know this from personal experience. And it never gets easier. We just have to find our own way through and eventually the light will begin to shine again.

Ghostwriter, Please know you have our support as you go through this difficult time. Take one step at a time. Don’t rush yourself. Talk if you need to. Be silent if that is what helps you. And through all of this, remember you are not alone in your pain.

Do whatever it is you need to do to survive this trauma, and don’t worry about whether it pleases or displeases other people.


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    A kind word goes a long way. Do you agree?

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. I just came back and saw this today. Thank you so much. This means more to me than you will ever know, Carol for being and so thoughtful and all of your comments are giving me comfort that is so needed. I can never repay such a kindness.

    • You are so right Dawn. Little things help more than others realize.

      Some react like this because they do not read the posts. Simple as that Dawn. It does hurt but with a public forum nothing you can do to stop it. Just consider the source.

  2. I don’t know what I’ve missed… but … I just hope she is feeling better!
    A really caring post, Carol, I’m sure she’ll feel better knowing that you (and we) are here with her, supporting her.

        • I’m going to let it be flexible from now on. Everyone can go on their own pace. If you decide to do an alphabet daily, its fine too!!

          Seems like Kim and Pamela is looking at C for the coming week (Monday), you could join them with C if you want. I actually wanted to ask a favour if you could “take over” the challenge because you can post more timely than I do (since do not need to wait in the Q). But its fine if you don’t want to.

          Meanwhile, I’m going to post my B. because its a letter I don’t want to miss! :p


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