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Many are suffering. Many in silence. I know of those who have lost loved ones. The pain is always present. No matter what you do, it is there. You cannot escape the pain.

Ghostwriter is one of those I speak of. I can relate to an unspeakable loss we share. Words are not needed many times. Other times it is exactly what you need. LaJenna and Doc are others that come to mind. And many more in our community are hurting and have lost loved ones.

A roller coaster is what you are on when grief comes to visit. Learning to hold on, how to lean in, and when to let go, are the keys to surviving the grief. Nobody can tell you what will help your pain. Because it is your pain. You have to push through. Eventually finding a sliver of hope, then one day… peace.

This photo was given to me many years ago, after losing Dustin. I keep it close and read it often.

I hope it can help you as much as it has, and continues to help me. 

Never judge what you don’t understand. Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes, you truly have no idea what they are going through. 

Always be kind.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. I do believe that sometimes death gave relief to the ones I lost…
    they suffered too much pain and torment. I’m glad they left… (not that I wish they die) but its a better option for them. I remember they fought to their best and left as a fighter. Now they live in comfort at a better place.

    I do think kindness is contagious in a way. If it doesn’t it can help make someone’s day.

  2. I agree with you. We shouldn’t judge anybody if we have never been in their shoes. But also, I think we shouldn’t judge anybody even if we have been in their shoes.
    I don’t like it when people laugh at the idea of someone wanting to commit suicide. In my teen years, I was depressed to the point of contemplating various ways I can employ to end my life. I cut lines on my hands which are partially visible. Sometimes I have the urge to cut lines on my hands. We should be caring, loving and understandable.

    • I am so glad you wrote this my friend, hopefully we can help others and my thoughts are always with you. I do not mean I am glad you are going through, this, I hope you understand. I just appreciate you sharing your story. Hugs to you. Glad to have you here.

  3. what a beautiful post and of very kind. I do agree with you that it is critical to start with kindness to build on the concept of pay it forward.

    But it is also important sometimes to stand in the way of cruelty.

    As humans we are both sides are we not. We are the ones who make the world better and sadly we are the ones that also make the world worse.

  4. I lost my dad when I was 12, I have struggled with grief for years until I learned to let go of the pain and accept life as it comes. I always look back at the pain , remember life is short and make the best of what I have.

  5. I have a saying that always helps me when things get tough. I stand still and look in a mirror and say to myself You will be all right, people have it much worse than you, you will survive and then I go on. I know the Lord is also looking at for me and I find it very relaxing to be able to communicate with people I know online on the sites I write on.

    • Oh my gosh, life goes on! Yes it does but I try to have some compassion. Losing my only child of 16 was never expected. And it doesn’t matter how old, it hurts. My Dad was 85 and I still welcomed compassion when he died two years ago.

      • You have moved on and yes that loss moves with you and so it does move with all those who have lost their dear ones.

        Losing your only child at that age I understand is much too much Carol.