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Weather Challenge for Montana, November 12

For a change, we are actually above average in temperature here today. Our average temperature for November 12 is 43° and it is supposed to reach 47° today. A nice warm day is appreciated. For about the last decade, our winters have been getting longer and colder. In fact, the high temperature for this day last year was 35°

The high temperature was set back in 1999 and it was 73°. Even last year was well above the record low; -2° F (-19° C) in 1959

The low tonight is supposed to be 37° with a few snow squalls, but that isn’t bad at all, especially considering that cold and snow have been blasting its way through the US and even places in the south have experienced temperatures that are well below average. Bitter cold conditions are being reported down into Texas, Louisiana, and northern Florida.

The day will only be 9 hours, 28 minutes long, though, so the warm weather here, probably won’t last long. The picture shows a snowstorm coming in over McDonald Lake in Glacier National Park.

  • Would you think of 47° F (8.3° C) as warm weather?

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Written by Rex Trulove