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This time of year…

I get lonesome for home. I want to see the Apgar. I know that it won’t be long until Mother’s Day comes around and I will be heading to Glacier National Park. We have a favorite little drive we take on Mother’s Day with the hopes that we will catch a glimpse of a bear with her cubs. It’s odd because Mother’s Day is not the same date, but we have never missed seeing cubs on Mother’s Day Weekend when we make the trip to the park. It’s about 750 miles to drive. Some years we choose to fly into Kalispell and then drive up to the park. 

This year it will probably be just my husband and I. Dad is gone and Bro is not well so it will be a quick drive up and back. (Well depending on weather, it may turn into a lengthy drive, but I am hoping for that early spring.)

I come home sad that I had to leave, but calm that I get to bring that peaceful feeling back home.

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  1. Most trips I made around the world was as a courier on military duty alone. It’s sad, really, since my family didn’t get to see the places I did. Then a regime change happened and many of us servicemen and women resigned, not wanting to work for our former enemies. It somehow felt like treason. Now I’m old and simply can’t afford it. Anyhow, maybe I’ll do it next time around, 😉 (lol)


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