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Cuba may have the treatment for Covid-19?


A drug that is manufactured in Cuba is showing positive results against Covid-19.  Doctors are using the drug known as Interferon on patients who have contracted coronavirus in Cuba.  The drug is used to fight against hepatitis and HIV.  Latest statistics show that there are 139 cases of coronavirus in Cuba.  Three out of the 139 (2.2 percent) have died.  That’s lower than the global rate at the time of this post of 935,817 worldwide cases with 47,208 total deaths (5 percent).

Anything that will lower the death rate would be helpful at this time.  You can discredit the Cuban healthcare system if you want, but it is one of the top 50 nations in regards to healthcare at #39.  As a comparison, the USA is at #37.  Let’s hope that Interferon continues to interfere with the death grip of the coronavirus pandemic.


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