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Ways for feeling happy

For me, one of the ways to feel happiness is about traveling: it means going somewhere, discovering something new, and adventures waiting for me.

It is always fearful to take the first step, it seems that it is not yet time,  that I have some things unfinished. But this is how it happens in life – there is no right time. Just step in.

My biggest passion is traveling. New lands, unseen landscapes, unfamiliar cities, and different people give me the fullness of life, then I feel really happy.

I am a tireless traveler. Traveling creates a different reality, maybe even more real than the everyday. And there comes a state of being more of myself, when I require less of life, when even the slightest things give pleasures. Then I’m full of life and happiness.

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  1. For me, what can make me happy is to realize that I’m always happy, for whatever I do, wherever I am, with anyone, or alone. But I would express that happiness in painting, or writing, talking to other people, with plants, my cats, or traveling as you do.