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There will be no other life for us…

Then an unseen sky shone above us, and the sand of an undiscovered island dusted beneath our feet.

The earth was alive, uninjured by humans, and we were different – closer.A few months month ago it was.Oh, it seems just yesterday…

Now I see – winter has passed, spring will fly like a single flash, and if nothing special happens to us if the days will be without adventures – I will never have them again, will disappear forever. What will I remember – that everything was awesome? What color has my life – pale, maybe gray or some colorless?

Every day, I realize more and more that I have to find good moments every hour: traveling where I have never been or meeting new people or make a feast with friends. Or may to read a strong book or write down my restless thoughts. Just not killing time on TV or Facebook, rumoring and jealousy that kills everything.

There will be no other life – I only have this one.I’ll try to make it extraordinary.

© Fortune, 2020

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