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Wacky Wednesday – little alone hedgehog

SUMMER! Thoughts – Lighter… Feelings – hotter… The bodies are more relaxed.

Dreams saddle the hottest horses and run through the seas, the fields, the meadows, the hills. you no longer want to sleep on warm nights. Because living becomes more interesting than dreaming.

Gentle breeze, charming aromas… And the widest smiles ever.

Never stop admiring nature’s miracles, never stop enjoying its creatures. As this little hedgehog, I found in a very wild place. The little and alone, but he knew how to survive there. It’s all in his instincts. So, I had no thoughts to take him to my home as a toy. I think those who are born freely must continue to live there freely.

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    Did you ever take hedgehog on your hands?

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    Would you agree to take hedgehog to your home?

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Written by Fortune


  1. I have not seen a hedgehog. It would be nice to take pictures of this animal. If I had a house with a yard, I would have taken a family home. They will clean my yard from the small insects.