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Visit to the zoo in Ljubljana – 9

Wolf is the largest dog family member, spread across the wilderness of Europe, Asia and North America. Because of the hunt, many have already disappeared. It combines itself into a herd and because of the group hunting, bigger animals are also involved. Volf is the largest representative of the dog family and the second largest representative of predators in our country. It has a 100 to 120 cm long body, a shoulder height of 45 to 75 cm. Females are also one third larger than females. Adult wolves weigh between 20 and 80 kg. He has long legs, he is a good and persistent runner. The first feet have five fingers, the last one is only four, with powerful claws on their fingers, which they can not pull into the paw.

Characteristic are the long clues to grab and kill the prey. The ears are triangular and erect, and the tail is long and bare, usually wearing it squeezed between the legs. The skin is yellowish brown with a gray hue. In winter, gray tones are more pronounced. In winter, the fur is more dense and protects it from cooling. Unlike a dog, the forearm has a 10 cm long and 2 cm broad black line. They are mated once a year. Couples are just the leading couple in the tropics. Vulcula is breeding for 62 to 64 days, and the young ones bite into the lagoon. In Slovenia, he mostly slept in April. The litter is usually 5 to 8 young people who are blind at birth and grow with a short, dark coat

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  1. We have coyotes running wild, but no wolves any more, not because they are dwindling in number (the wild wolf population has gone from 300 to 4000 in the past 30 years according to government officials and is no longer in danger of extinction) but because I no longer live in an area that is home to them.

        • They are not mistaken by the electric fence around the pastures … in one mountain village they have staged a true massacre of sheep …. in the tropics are the real slaughterers … even larger animals are taken … even horses and cattle are no longer safe

  2. I only saw wolves in the zoo or Safari Garden, and there were no wolves in my country. We have ajag or dhole (Alpinus javanicus Cuon and Cuon alpinus sumatrensis are Indonesian endemic coyotes that inhabit the islands of Sumatra and Java) and that is different from wolves.

  3. I love wolves. They are so beautiful wise and regal. I have been rescuing wolf hybrids for years now. I have now my fifth one, I am sure you’ve seen pictures of her. Meika. 🙂 We do have them wild in the US and some in our state as well.

    • Thanks for seeing and kind comment dear fried….They are beautiful and very smart … they have been protected at us now, but they have spread so that they are barely able to … they do huge damage to cattle breeders … even on horses get ready

  4. Oh yes we have wolves in Canada and even Arctic wolves which are all white almost in the far north. They are indeed powerful, long limbed and persistent animals when it comes to prey hunting and killing. But I did not know that they could have up to eight cubs in a litter. It is a lot especially for the top female of the pack to rear. It is good that most of the time the other subaltern females help with the care and even suckling of the litter. Great post.

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