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Visit to the zoo in Ljubljana – 11

The Ljubljana Zoo also has a pair of the fastest cats in the world – cheetahs. Gepard lives in central, eastern and southern Africa and southwest Asia. Gepard is famous as the fastest runner, as it can exceed the speed of 100 km / h. The length is from 1.1 to 1.5 m, weighing 30-65 kg. It hunts smaller antelopes and rabbits, and attacks other cheetahs if they break into its territory. The cheetah menu usually consists of smaller antelopes, gazelles and rabbits. On a prey plane from ambush, from a distance of about 30 m. Half the prey of the booty is successful. At a high speed, it takes only a little time, usually no more than a minute, and most often the prosecution does not last more than 20 seconds. Cheetahs can be mated all year round. Male and female mates only during mating and can have several sexual partners at the same time. The female lame takes care of herself. After three months of pregnancy, they bite up to 6 puppies, hide them in the bushes or grow up and bring them food. A month and a half old puppies follow their mom and feed themselves with the booty they catch.

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