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2I could almost call this post, “Another “wrestle with a VIRILY crocodile” but I won’t because apart from what I’m reading here, my experience presently is mostly a pleasant one here at “La Virily” dot com. I visited a review site called I found 3 reviews, none were incouraging and the main-reviewer, Kay L had this to say about, Review staff member:Kay L.HEADLINE: Virily discriminates”9/15/19“This site is actually in Estonia. Estonia is the ‘Nigeria’ of Eastern Europe. They are very treacherous. The site claims to ‘moderate’ your work. There is NO MODERATION. There is only a delay to prevent people from earning.

Coupled with this, is the scam in which they hold back your posts for days or claim to have published them, but have actually deleted them.Be very careful if you join this site; the best way is to use an American proxy and pretend to be an American. Everyone else, they rip off.”


What do you think?

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  1. ok.

    First, why contribute speculation to the already frustrated people on the site? The reality is you’ve taken words from a conspiracy poster about the site. Please consider that while I support your right to say anything. you are responsible for the impact of everything you say.

    Traditionally moderation means: review for publication. that means you against the known rules of the site check the post (no reposting, no plagiarism, image is the right size)

    Editing is where the editor changes the content to refelct proper grammar and spelling.
    Moderation is the adherence to site rules for publication.

        • Speculation? Sitejabber is NOT a conspiracy poster, “Sitejabber is a web-based platform for consumers to find trustworthy online businesses and avoid scams. Sitejabber was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, California and has been described as “the Yelp for websites and online businesses”. … The Sitejabber service has received recognition by PC Magazine and CNN.

          • it is not, however, the only source and what you posted was culturally insensitive and really shouldn’t be repeated.

            there are many with axes to grind on SiteJabber by the by. The information you conveyed can probably be traced to one person that is here on Virily.

            Freedom of speech means responsibility for the information we post.

  2. Right now I don’t have much to say about Virily. I have posted many things plus quizzes on this site and I am being totally ignored. I have no answers and for now, I am reading and commenting with no way to post anything of my own. I have set my deadline for Nov 1 and if by then I am still not allowed to post I will have to choose to stay or leave but it was great to have this added income, I really cannot afford to lose any site, and of course, I would miss everyone but what am I to do?

    • Rasma, don’t leave. I understand the frustrations. I mostly survive from article writing. This I have since 2010. Sometimes things don’t add up or seem right. And not all things will ever be resolved with some sites.

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