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I’m not too choosey, really, but I don’t see any explanation for certain writers posts appearing as a title, IE “See The Bird In Bath”, 6 submissions. If I need to get them, I have to know how to do so. On the other hand, if it is some kind of penalty, I will have to know how to avoid them. Do I even have them already? are they something like a traffic de-Merrit program as in “3 strikes and you’re out or what? I’m asking because I don’t see anyone else asking and if I’m wrong and missed some BIG PRESS-RELEASE, on the topic, I’m sorry I missed it here in Darkest Africa!

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  1. I didn’t add any photos and I did not get them on my photos, I just saw them on other writers photos and did not know what they were. There was no information about them as usual and I wanted to know what they meant. I now understand what they are.

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