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Using smartphone while laying down is dangerous for eyes and brain.

There is probably no any single person who does not use a smartphone at present era, especially on night bed, but it is important to know how harmful it is for your health.

The University of California has warned users in recent research related to the use of mobile phones, that the use of a mobile phone while laying down is very harmful to the body and the brain.

Research says, that Smartphone screen rays affect the eyes and force the brain to wake up. According to the research, if your sleep is affected and you get sleeping for 5-6 hours , as a result, during the sleep body, it is not possible to clean the poisonous material properly. These poisonous effects are then present inside the body as a result the focusing power effects. Short-term memory may affect, and the ability to solve problems can also be defective.

The result of low sleep also increases the tendency of harmful food use in people as a result, the risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes and blood pressure increases. Moderation is the first condition for use of anything.

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  1. Thanks but no party lol, only tons of work to do. It’s not easy to strike a balance between politics and bureaucracy. I might just throw some simple blowout with my loyal co workers once I am reinstated to my previous post.

  2. I don’t use the smartphone while laying down very often, I use the laptop which might be worse. In fact that’s one of the reasons why it takes me a while to fall asleep. At least I always make sure to sleep long enough. ?

  3. I have a basic phone that takes care of messages and voice. I am contented with it and do not get carried away when manufacturers woo the public with upgrades just to remain in business and the gullible public succumbing to it. I have a good camera that is more useful than what one gets using mobile phones. They are actually not smart.

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