Trump, Russia and Media Bias

This is somewhat of a controversial topic, but I contend that it is only controversial because of media coverage. It seems that the mainstream media (MSM) in the US is so hungry for the president to fail in some way that they have been focusing on non-stories in an attempt to persuade the American people that a non-issue is a big thing.

Putting it more clearly, the extreme liberals and MSM in this country have tried to explain Hilary Clinton’s loss in the election as being due to election tampering by Russia. Did Russia attempt to interfere in the US election? There is little doubt about that. They’ve been trying to interfere in US elections for easily over 30 years. For that matter, the US has been meddling in the elections of other countries as well. President Obama detested Prime Minister Netanyahu and did everything he could to make sure that Bibi didn’t get re-elected. That is a matter of record, but the media ignores that fact.

Did the tampering affect the outcome of the US election? Almost certainly not, any more than Obama’s tampering with Israel’s election changed the outcome there.

Still, an investigation was set into place into possible Trump collusion with the Russians. It should be pointed out that collusion isn’t against the law. Collusion is simply a secret agreement between two parties. There has been no proof rendered to this point of collusion between President Trump and the Russians prior to the election and even if there was, it would make no difference. 

However, the investigation and other information that surfaced did show that President Obama did collude with the Iranian regime. It also came out that Hilary not only secretly authorized the transfer of ownership of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia and that she colluded with the Russians to produce a falsified report on Trump for the purpose of obtaining the legal right to have surveillance done on Trump’s campaign.

More recently, a big deal has been made by the media about a summit meeting between Trump and Putin. Trump basically said that he wants to find common grounds and a way that the US and Russia could work together peacefully. Considering that Russia has the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world, that sounds rather prudent, except to the media.

They also ignore the fact that Obama, both GW Bush and GHW Bush, and Clinton all wanted to have peaceful relations between Russia and the US and worked toward that goal. More importantly, it ignores the fact that Trump has been harder on Russia than any president since Reagan. Trump hasn’t been bashful about increasing sanctions and calling out the Russians. He has been far stronger against the Russians than his predecessor. The media won’t mention that because it destroys their agenda of wanting Trump to fail at all costs.

The unfortunate thing is that despite the open lies and deception of the media, some people are taken in by it and believe it. They believe it even with the truth and the hypocrisy is exposed. Mind you, not everyone is taken in. The number of people who believe that the media is unreliable and untrustworthy is steadily growing. The media is doing nothing to stop this and simply repeat rhetoric that has already been proven to be false.

In fact, the media also isn’t reporting about how Trump has donated all his earnings as president, either. For a change, we have a president who can’t be bought, blackmailed, or coerced and it drives the media crazy.

  • How important to you is the claim that Russia meddled in the last presidental election?

    • It isn’t important at all
    • It isn’t of great importance, considering that the US also meddles
    • It is important to a degree, but it probably didn’t change the outcome of the election
    • It is extremely important and is the only reason Trump won
  • Do you believe that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia prior to the election?

    • I doubt it
    • Not as much as Hilary and/or Obama did
    • It is too early to tell
    • Yes
    • I don’t really care
  • Do you think that it is a good thing or a bad thing that Trump is trying to find ways to get along with Russia?

    • It is a good thing
    • It is a bad thing
    • I don’t know/have no opinion
  • Do you trust the US media to report accurately and fairly?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t know/no opinion

What do you think?

5 points

Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. The U.S. media is not a monolith, which makes the question about trusting it difficult to answer. Fox News will filter and present news from its perspective as will MSN and CNN and Univision. Some I trust more than others. Donald Trump and his apologists have done everything in their power to attack the press because destroying responsible journalism is what dictators do, and Trump is the puppet of Russia’s dictator. I

    • Indeed, I do know how you feel. I think that it is partly because you think with your mind and not just your emotions, so you are able to see untruths more easily than many. It still amazes me how there are people who still don’t think it is disingenuous when the media drools all over themselves when one man says or does something, but then lambasts another man when he says or does the same thing. At the very least, it is hypocritical.

  2. The theme is the high politics of the two largest countries in the world.
    The most developed, technologically and with the greatest nuclear weapons,
    A small, ordinary man can know about their politics.
    What is he reading in the newspapers and watching TV?

    • It comes back to the old quotation, though I don’t know who made it, “He who controls the news controls the masses.” Sometimes it is true and sometimes it isn’t, but it is true more often than not and it is something governments all over the world are aware of.

    • Actually, I was referring to poorer countries. I’ve seen a large number of statements from people in those countries who support Trump. It would be senseless to even mention which ones they are, though, for a simple reason. From what you’ve said and the tone you’ve used, it is clear that you wouldn’t believe it anyway. I see that sort of transference from the liberals in the US, too. They believe that theirs is the only possible viewpoint, therefore “everyone” else must think as they do. The media also acts that way, though they don’t come right out and say it. It is quite obvious.

      • Since I live in the 3rd World and talk to people from Kenya to Chile to Ghana… on and on… you can label me as you choose if you need to bolster your collapsing world.

        What you could do is … a search? You know how to do a search on the Internet? And then you could find out how many countries don’t support him. They pretty much hate him in Europe, Canada, Australia…(these are [gasp] 1st world countries.

        One of the many things you don’t know is that America gives ‘string loans’ to countries, meaning, the US will loan a country X Million to be used to buy American products. With China taking over, we don’t have to take those loans any more.

  3. To give you a sense of clarity; do you care who is Prime Minister of Jamaica? Does it effect you what name they give to the North South Highway? If you were reporting on a Jamaican election or a protest over the name of a Highway would you, who couldn’t care less, be biased?

    The entire world, (that is every where not America) knows that Russia interferred in the US election, knows Putin plays Trump like a puppet. The World that you know nothing about, has been buying Chinese goods from the early 90s because they are cheaper.

    In countries from Kinshasa to Kingston you can’t find an American product. Recently, we were able to buy those soybeans China didn’t buy from the US for pennies. American Soybeans have become so cheap we feed them to chickens and the price of chickens has come down.

    This is an example of just 1 product. America has been racing around searching for markets, having to underprice to get buyers.

    You don’t know this because you live in America and think that the media in America is the Only media in the world. This is not true. We don’t listen to American news. We, in the 3rd World can objectively view events.

    We hear what your POTUS says… we hear him change his mouth, we see him do the opposite.

    You can spend your life cleaning up his mess. You aren’t getting anything for it, except a cut in your social security, your medical care, and your environment.

    As long as Trump focuses on America and leaves the rest of the world alone, we have no problem. We laugh at him. So convince yourself what a great president he is.

    • What is surprising is how well thought of he is in other countries (by the people of those countries, not necessarily the governments). I’m very glad that the people in other countries don’t listen to the US news agencies.

      Clearly, Trump is not even close to doing what Putin would like him to do. American unemployment is extremely low for the first time in over 40 years. Companies are moving back to the US and investing in the US economy for the first time in a very long time. Wages are going up. Quality is increasing. Our military is becoming strong again, though other countries are expected to start spending more for their own defense, rather than relying on the US for that defense. Exports are way up; oil, gas, food, lumber, etc. The American economy is looking better than it has in decades and both business and consumer confidence is up. Domestic sales are up. Naturally, from an adversarial standpoint, none of this is good for Putin.

      Then again, it has been a long time since we had a businessman for a president, and even longer since we had one who was actually making good on his campaign promises. It has only been a year and a half, yet I’m much better off than I was in 2016 and our little town has come to life, finally. New businesses are opening, some are expanding, and hiring is up. That is really good news, especially since this was formerly the most economically depressed county in the state, with the highest unemployment. It will be a while for us to fully recover from the past decade, but it is starting to happen, noticeably. That part has nothing to do with Russia, who couldn’t care less. Still, it doesn’t help them, either.

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