Athlete and the Blob

When I was in High School there was the school hero. He was handsome, he was an athlete and everyone looked up to him. The other boys wanted to link with him, and all the girls wanted to date him. He always looked good, always had this charm.

There was also various Blobs. These were ugly boys, fat, unpleasant, that no one wanted to be near. They’d stumble around the school, and girls would twist their faces as if they smelled something unpleasant.

This is a bit of a parable to current events.

One of the Blobs who attended my school was virtually in love with the Athlete. He went to every football game to stare at the Athlete. The Blob would watch him when he passed in the hall as if seeing the Messiah.

The Athlete never saw the Blob, who did? until he had use for him.

There was an exam, and the Athlete hadn’t studied because he was in training for a major match. He knew he’d fail the exam and wanted someone to pull the fire alarm just as the test was beginning.

He couldn’t risk his friends, but the Blob?

So one day the Athlete saw the Blob lurking around Rudy’s, the usual hang out for the cool kids, and asked him if he could do a favour. “Anything!”  the Blob exclaimed. So, he told him what to do.


Sure enough, at ten am on the day of the test, the Fire Alarm went and everyone was shoving out of school.  Some kids were scared for they didn’t know it was a trick.  Those who knew exchanged secret smirks.

The Principal didn’t know what to do so sent everyone home, and there was an investigation into what had happened.

The Athlete had taken a copy of the exam, so could study for the rest of the day and so, on the following day, when we all came back to school, and the test was given, he aced it.

The Blob was questioned, because someone saw him in the hall, and he lied saying he was going to the bathroom, (which is how he got out of his classroom).

Whatever happened, the Blob would never admit that he’d pulled the alarm because the Athlete told him to.  Even if he had, no one would believe him.

After all, Athletes don’t talk to Blobs.

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