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Thursday's Reflections – art is a reflection of life

Life is a reflection of art. All our experience, all our views, and ideas – all of this, to some extent, is already reflected in art.

Either life is a reality, something that can be seen with the eyes, that is, a very limited sense of the world. Art is space, paradox, another world. But on reflection, I began to think that art is a reflection of life. BUT. It is a reflection of life under a completely different corner! Since art in life is the revelation of an unknown part of it, acquaintance with magic.

This is another vision of life – deep and full. Art does not see the world in a simple sense. Art makes life such that after its involvement, it is impossible to recognize this very world.

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Written by Fortune


  1. Art is one artist’s reflection of life. But put 10 artists in a room, and you will get 10 views of the same thing.

    Art is a perception by an artist, and an interpretation of the consumer.

  2. Is art just a reflection of life, or is it really far more than just that?

    Life is what it is, life, but art is more than life.

    Art is life painted in a deeper way, so that that art reflects, not the life, but the hidden something behind the life, be it love, God, or just the connective oneness that connects all of life together.

    Art reflects this of course, but it more states it for us in such a way that we cannot miss the connection, as we, blasé living, in life, might often do so.

    Art stops us in our tracks, for long enough for us to be able to see the hidden deepness in life, that we might have overlooked otherwise.