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Thursday Trivia ~ Bee Plant

Another Thursday Trivia post. Can you identify the plant in the photo? I have talked about this plant many times over and over. I will tell you a little about the plant to see if that helps.

These plants come in a wide variety of heights, colors, and forms. They are all popular garden plants that are extremely easy to grow. Although lovely, they are often taken for granted in the garden, partly because they don’t bloom until the fall, but also because they require so little care from the gardener. The thick leaves of these succulents are able to withstand both drought and rainy weather. The flower buds form early and remain attractive well in winter. 

I will reveal the answer soon.


  • Question of

    Can you identify the plant in the photo?

    • Marigold
    • Sedum
    • Perennial
    • None of these
  • Question of

    The bees and butterflies love the plant, does this help?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Great shot, Carol! I have lots of different sedums in my garden. Here they are also known as ‘stonecrops’, and many varieties are edible, their crunchy leaves adding a nice touch of astringency as well as great texture to a salad.