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Three vaccines against Covid-19 are being tested in humans

The new coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 100,000 people worldwide, but the laboratories are already preparing to fight Covid-19, with several vaccines already being tested in humans.

According to information from the Bloomberg agency, which cites sources from the World Health Organization (WHO), three of the 70 vaccines that are being developed against the new coronavirus are already being tested in humans.The WHO document, which talks about laboratories that are investigating ways to stop this pandemic, also reveals that China and the United States are at the forefront of research.

The WHO document, cited by Bloomberg, also states that progress in the development of this vaccine is proceeding at an unprecedented rate, since it usually takes between 10 and 15 years for a vaccine to reach the market. Researchers point out that the vaccine may be available next year.

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  1. The vaccine is not near. There are more than one hundred projects. Some claim the vaccine will be ready in October of 2021. However, Israel has a medicament that was used against a coronavirus some years ago that killed many chickens, they say this medicament can kill this new coronavirus that was similar to the coronavirus they had some years ago. And this is not a vaccine is something you drink. It must be wonderful, but if they say the vaccine will be here before 2021 they are lying

  2. Not only scientists from China and the United States are busy finding such a vaccine. Spanish scientists are also making great strides in this regard. Each evening there is a broadcast of this topic on the results. It doesn’t matter who will find her the Covid-19 treatment formula. It is important that it is done faster.

  3. What troubles me most is that China had a way of helping the covid 19 infected patients why will they not share their secrets with the world. We need that right now more than the vaccine.


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