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I used to volunteer to help my dear friend in the thumbnail, Gene Dahm at Poverty Action Coalition. At Onehunga and he was a war veteran with a very large heart.

I learned some good lessons from this work, how to do double entry in book keeping, and some how organised their books and food so people could find what they were looking for, plus do accounts, banking etc…Helped to buy and sell at a price others could afford or give out food parcels if needed.

Now in their I learned a few simple truths, one, see it do it, second, out of 10 needy people at least one will come back and give, “thanks” by learning to help someone else in need.

We had a person that used to live near us, who abused just about everyone around us and threatened people, took drugs, and got all the help, we tried and felt failed really to make a difference. A friend near us, said was it really worth it to help people. ?

Then I remember the old song. “10 unclean with no where to go, 10 men clean clean as snow, one came back to give God thanks, and 9 went away!”

Then with that I told him about the 10 lepers and it is for the one who comes back to give God thanks, that I will do it for..but I will help the rest too.

This principle makes a ripple effect, but you may not see it, or not immediately. I really do believe it. Just as that man also helped me in many ways. For his sake, I really hope that anyone who wants good in this world can really make a difference..

I do believe we can all make a difference ..

No religion doesn’t matter, what you do, does, I don’t really care about labels anymore. I have been to churches for years, most all talk. What a person does, not label nor religion counts as far as I am concerned. 

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    Ever wanted to help some one and thought you failed?

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    Helping can make a real difference to someone right?

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    Ever seen a marked difference?

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • I thank you for your kind comments Albert. I try to do what I am able to, one person at a time. I am not a committee person.
      I don’t know about where you live, but in New Zealand, committees are guaranteed to make you go to a mental asylum, for it takes 10 years to get a decision, let alone do anything.
      I wanted it done in 2 minutes.

      However, PAC fortunately was not run by the typical committee person.

      • I understand what you mean, Pamela. Personally, I do what I can to help anyone, but through the organization, I can reach the community on a wider and more scale. But however you are right, organizations with various interests are often very tedious and not sincere.

  1. very timely, i have a dear long time friend going through a divorce (20 years of marriage). He is alone right now because of the situation. I call him every day, check-in, and make sure he is moving! i wasn’t sure I was helping until he called me yesterday and just said Thank you.

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