This Video Is NOT For Everyone

There are some among us here on Virily who are as gods unto themselves and take are able to take care of their own wellbeing believing fully that signs and miracles are just figments of over-fertile imaginations. I am just a messenger and a voice crying out in the wilderness, to heed these words. Only those who have the “Lambs Blood” (gift of charity and compassion) on their lintels and doorposts, (meaning your deeds and actions), will be saved. You are warned in the title if the truth makes you uncomfortable, or fearful, simply don’t watch the video God judges no one neither do I, we’ll judge ourselves in our actions.


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  1. Humm, Andre Hartslief you have complicated my life. I really cannot make another decision right now. Just getting dressed proved I am not on track. So do I watch the video now or not? I trust your judgement!

    • My dear friend, you are not being addressed here and already know and apply those virtues to your life. At the sermon on the mount, one of Jesus’ disciples said to Him, “Lord, the masses do not understand what you are saying.” He replied, saying, I know, I’m not speaking to them, I am speaking to you, my disciples.

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