Faith Painting SILHOUETTE J.U.N.E.

Welcome back Love Art Wonders Readers!

Recently our painting made for June comes from trials and experiences. The hardship in life’s struggles when it seems you can’t go on anymore. This silhouette reveals the depth of faith and grows encouragement for us as we believe and trust daily

I saw this picture and didn’t think much of it that it would be the next painting. But I believe God chose this to be, I’m happy for it!

My favorite part of the painting is when the man stands in the middle, close to falling down but yet it seems like he is flying and not falling. This represents “faith” in a beautiful way. It’s hard to understand that this could be even when you go through the toughest times. But God is making you fly even when you are broken.

I hope this painting would be an encouragement and reminder of your faith and to encourage trust in the unknown

God’s blessings

Love Art Wonders By God


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