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This Olm Salamander not moved from its place for seven years!

This is not true if you consider the world’s slowest animal Sloth. In fact, experts have seen a lizard-like white sloth in deep dark caves that have been in the same place for seven years. If this Salamander travels ten meters in ten years, that is a lot.

These creatures have a very long life and are named Olm. ۔ However, they are very inactive and earlier in a documentary it was reported that in a year, the animal barely moves a meter. These creatures live in deep dark caves and are the most common of caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cave experts recently spotted a salamander who has been in the same place for about seven years but is alive and has passed it 2529 days in a slow move. 

These Salamander are amazingly strange creatures. First of all, no one is hunting them in a cave and 2nd they do not eat anything. These creature are not capable of seeing and they lie either in the water or in the darkness of the caves. In the caves where the olm live, there is nothing to eat or drink. Occasionally they change the taste of the mouth by eating small shrimps, and insects.

Professor Grigley Bellas of Hungary’s Lorand University and colleagues have noted the motions of these slayers for eight consecutive years through a special technique ‘capture mark capture’ in caves in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and other countries.

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