GPS tag installed on the world's last white giraffe

There is only one white giraffe left in the world at the moment and it is GPS tagged to protect it. It is the only white giraffe left in the world since its female and baby were killed in March this year. The GPS tag on its horn-like protrusion clarifies its position every hour, giving officers an idea of the location of its presence.

The giraffe is currently based in Gracia, eastern Kenya, and its movements are being monitored. The name of the community living here is Isaac Bani who takes care of it. ۔ Ahmed Noor, a member of the community, said that this time the rains have increased the greenery, which will be enough for the whites male giraffe.

In Kenya, a white female giraffe and her baby were killed in March this year. In Kenya, giraffe enemies kill them for meat and skin. When white giraffes develop a condition called leucism, they turn white and their eyes darken, and they can be felt from afar.

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