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This happens to many

Well my computer crashed and is being repaired. It,s been slow and I haven’t been able to post new photos. I did get it in 2014 so 6 years isn’t bad going.

Now I am getting a new one and the other will be OK for a school kid starting out. 

In the meantime I am using my iPad. I have some new artwork and doing more of that. The new one is bigger, faster with more storage.

I am blessed to be AbLe to get a replacement.

Sitting on the fence is our Pete the Pukako,  that has adopted us since we moved to Bucklands Beach.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I have had times where it was very hard to turn my computer back on when something happened and I had to. Other times there were things that no longer work have to get a new computer. I am at the time where I need to upgrade to windows 10 and need a new computer.


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