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There is no stranger pain

Man needs meaning, and we live in a time when we are continually being offered the power and money of more and more pleasures, thus filling the existential vacuum with exterior glitter.

More and more people are suffering from psychological problems, because feeling unhappy has become shameful, ineffective, after all, only the stimuli of entertainment and pleasure are attracting us, so what the sense of life can trouble us!

And yet, I meet many people who are suffering, who are hurt, but who are silent, because suffering – part of the whole of life – is not featured in “vogue”.

And yet, suffering becomes meaningful and noble when we choose to give that suffering meaning. One of my friends (we became close to when she was in a psychological crisis) endured the blackest period of her life with the goal of publishing a book of poetry and photography – the book became greater than her suffering, gave a meaning to it and transformed her pain into magical alchemy.

She felt responsible for choosing what she could give, how to inspire and encourage to open up her models. Everywhere she began to see the meaning of being and her responsibility to choose the life sense again and again. Seeing her changing, I sank in joy tears because I stopped fearing about her state. End of the story…

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