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There is no better time than TODAY

Sometimes being a victim is just convenient. Wrap yourself in linen of unhappiness and sit in a corner with your lips stretched just like when you were 5 years. Exaggerating yourself to the top of the world, you wait like alms -attention, and compassion from those around you.

It’s comfortable. Very convenient! You have nothing to do.

And why do something?  Why change something? The environment caresses your head and contributes to your crying becoming a companion in the witch hunt – find the culprit.

After all, it is so convenient to live in stagnation. B who benefits? Where is the breakthrough?

My answer: the power to act is in each of us. My goal is not to confuse you, the goal is to wake you up.

Let’s get up! It is time to Live! There is no better time than TODAY.

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  1. Every new day is an opportunity to do something spectacular. Today I wondered out the mailbox, moved the water, and I didn’t tip over once! My knee kind of worked. That make today a great day and something will happen tomorrow that makes it a great day. I just have to look for it.

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