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There is always the next morning

Early mornings are magical. They contain a great deal of energy, peace, cleanliness, and harmony. If you manage to get all that good before the day rush begins – I feel earthed. 

Because as the day goes on, a lot of things get messed and get out of tune. Anyone who we meet can bring to us something positive or destructive.

Still, the sun has a great influence on man. At least for me – sure! I’ve been walking with a smile to my ears since early morning, and with the bright sun of today, I feel that the sun in the autumn is wonderful thing.

It’s good that there is always the next morning. And the ability to choose what to do with it.

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  1. If I wake up and find out something or something happens that is unpleasant first thing in the morning my whole day is ruined and I feel so upset. For that reason when I open my main email my Gmail I quickly scan what has arrived and let out a happy sigh when there is nothing upsetting